TRUCE: The Refuge

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This amazing collection of Hip Hop, R&B, and Gospel is a massive outpouring of Truce’s spirit and passion to reach those lost in a world of anger, suffering and loneliness. This album has broken through the doors of churches, communities and cities, that they were told would not embrace the music. The Refuge album demonstrates that ‘the anointing breaks the yoke’. It’s a journey that we want everyone to experience and finally conclude that ‘refuge’ is found in knowing that we are the Children of God and Heirs of His Kingdom, in the midst of a collapsing world. This album is top of the line production, brilliant vocal arrangement, and unwavering rap verses of Christ’s love. Each song delivers an embracing hook that compels the listener to sing along. You’ll love it!

01 :: Mercy Seat
02 :: Witness
03 :: Let's Ride
04 :: Come N' Get Him (The Refuge Version)
05 :: Mi Gente, My People
06 :: We Got You
07 :: Take a Deep Breath
08 :: Breath On Me
09 :: Love for Me
10 :: The Refuge
11 :: True Love
12 :: Dream
13 :: What's Really Good
14 :: Pain
15 :: Whisper
16 :: Laura
17 :: My Help
18 :: We Honor You

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